Work Party Summer 2000



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So people - lets eat & drink so much we ever can!

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Like you see, there are some good things for the body, see the green stuff at the picture. Wierd, thats the only thing left!

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Lovely Stina smiles...maybe becourse there are even more beer infront of her! She´s our Mariah Carey! Sings very good!

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Me, Madde, Annelie, Sebbe...some of the people who had just dance to "I Turn To You" with Mel C

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Stefan has found Lotta G, and she seems to like it!

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Annelie, Stina & rock n roll Agneta out walking....The Spice Girls! Girl power or what?

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Åsa B & Helene B in a party mood on a boat in the middle of the big sea in Gothenburg! hmm

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So, like every party we have to do this. Madde gets me on the (dance) floor, trying to do something-look-like-dance!